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Upcoming Large Events

Note: This table shows all Professional REL events (Callings, Pro Tours, World Championships, National Championships) coming up within the next two months.

Event Event Type Location Date(s)
Calling Birmingham Calling Birmingham, United Kingdom July 28, 2023-July 30, 2023
Calling: Singapore Calling Singapore, Singapore June 9, 2023-June 11, 2023

Events with Upcoming Application Deadlines

Note: Only Professional REL events and events within your region whose application deadline is coming up soon will appear here.

Event Event Type Location Date(s) Applications Close
National Championship Nationals Ostrava, Czechia Sept. 9, 2023 20 days
Spanish National 2023 Nationals Tres Cantos, Spain Sept. 9, 2023-Sept. 10, 2023 27 days
Belgium Nationals Nationals Aalst, Belgium Sept. 8, 2023-Sept. 10, 2023 8 days
Brazilian National Championship 2023 Nationals São Paulo, Brazil Aug. 26, 2023-Aug. 27, 2023 16 days
New Zealand Nationals 2023 Nationals Lower Hutt, New Zealand Aug. 26, 2023-Aug. 27, 2023 8 days
Italian Nationals 2023 Nationals Roma, Italy Aug. 26, 2023-Aug. 27, 2023 12 days
French National Championship Nationals Paris, France Aug. 25, 2023-Aug. 26, 2023 22 days