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Draft Timer

Welcome to the called draft for this event. Please listen carefully to my instructions, as they are designed to ensure a smooth and consistent draft experience. There will be three main commands:

  • Pick up. This means you may start looking at the pack. I will also tell you how many cards there should be, and how much time you will have.
  • 10 second warnings. I will give you a warning when there are 10 seconds left. For picks that are 20 seconds or shorter, I will give you a 5 second warning instead. For picks that are 10 seconds or shorter, I will not give any warning.
  • Draft. This means you must make a decision and pick a card immediately. I will also tell you to shuffle and lay out the pack for the next player, as well as the number of cards that you should be passing, and the direction to pass them.

If you notice any anomaly during the draft, such as an incorrect number of cards, or a marked card, please raise your hand and call a judge. Other than when speaking to a judge, the draft should be completely silent.

When drafting a card, place it face down into a single face down pile in front of you. All your picks should go into the same pile. If you choose a double-faced-card, you may place it at the bottom of your pile. You may start with a token in your draft pile, in order to conceal whether your picks are double-faced-cards.

The last two cards in each pack are tokens or "expansion slot" cards. If you open a pack where an expansion slot card, rainbow foil legendary, or cold foil, replaces one of the two tokens, then that card is yours, but it is not part of your draft pool, and may not be used in your deck.

I will tell you when you may review your picks between packs. You may not look at your picks except during the designated review periods.

Open your next pack. Remove the last two cards from your pack and set them aside. Any expansion slot card, rainbow foil legendary, or cold foil, which is found in a token slot, is yours to keep, but it may not be drafted, and may not be used in this tournament. Count the remaining cards and verify that there are 14 cards. If you don't have the correct number of cards, or if there are any other issues, please call for a judge now.
I will now be giving five second warnings.
I will no longer give five second warnings.
Pick up the pack of 14 cards. You have 50 seconds.
Ten seconds.
Five seconds.
Draft. Shuffle and lay out the pack to your left. There should be 13 cards. Draft. Pass the final card to the next player. Look at, and draft, the final card. Please leave your picks in a single face down pile while we ensure that all tables are ready to proceed.
You may now review your picks so far. You have 60 seconds.
Thirty seconds.
Fifteen seconds.
Time. Please return your picks to a single face down pile.
Draft complete. Instruct players to proceed to the registration and build phase in accordance with tournament-specific plans.