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Current JudgeHub Guides

Last Updated: 11/14/2022

Site Usage

Site Welcome

An introduction to the site and its basic features

Discord Linking

How to link your Discord account and your JudgeHub account to get full access to the JudgeHub Discord Server.

Event Calendar

How to automaticlly add events your apply for and/or are staffed for to your personal calendar by syncing with JudgeHub

Forum Settings

How to update your forum notification settings to only get notified about specific topics of interest to you!

Privacy Information

Who has access to what when you submit information to JudgeHub

Exams & Advancement

Advancement Guide

The various means of advancing in the Flesh and Blood Judge Program. Includes the expectations of all the exams in the program.

Exam Introduction

Our default assumptions that apply to all exams along with basic language information about the exams.

Level 2 Advancement Process

Information about the Level 2 Process and a guide on what's expected of and how to submit a recomendation for Level 2.

Introduction to Reviews

An introduction to the reviews tool and how to best write reviews of other judges withing the Flesh and Blood Judge Program