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Uprising World Premiere: Sydney

Organizer: Let's Play Games
Judge manager: Anton Montemayor
Event type: Calling
REL: Professional
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): June 10, 2022-June 12, 2022
Location: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Sydney Masonic Center
66 Goulburn Street
NSW 2000
Applications accepted through: May 22, 2022 (Anywhere on Earth)
Applications closed 6 months ago

Event Information

Judge Solicitation

Let’s Play Games is seeking a team of talented judges to adjudicate the World Premiere of the newest Flesh and Blood set, Uprising and the Sydney Calling Event on June 10 -12 2022.

This application will allow you to apply to be a Judge for this event.

 The application window will close at 11:59 PM AEST on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022.

Staffing Information

We are currently offering judging positions for all three days of the event.

These roles may include

  • Head Judge
  • Scorekeeper
  • Floor Judge

The daily shift length would be approximately 12 hours with a one hour lunch break.

The event shift schedule includes:

  1. Friday 10/6 - World Premiere Uprising (12pm - 9pm)
  2. Saturday 11/6 - The Calling Day 1 (8 am - 8 pm)
  3. Sunday 12/6 - The Calling Day 2 + Battle Hardened (8 am - 8 pm)

During each day judges may be assigned to

  • Main event judging
  • Side event organisation and judging

Please note that all staff are independent contractors and will be required to complete appropriate paperwork which includes a contract with Let’s Play Games for this Event.

Additional questions can be directed to


Flesh and Blood is still a relatively new game, so you may not have an active Certification as a Flesh and Blood Judge. Certification isn't a requirement to be a Judge at the Event, however you'll be expected to have working knowledge of Flesh and Blood gameplay and tournament rules, which can be found here:


All staff members will receive the following:


  • One (1) Everfest or Tales of Aria Booster Display per day worked.
    • Each Judge may swap one of their Booster Displays for an Uprising Booster Display. Limit 1 per judge
  • $200 AUD per day worked
  • A set of main event promos
    • Extended Art Phoenix Flame promo card (Rainbow Foil)
    • Extended Art Phoenix Flame promo card
    • Helio's Mitre promo card (Rainbow Foil)
  • Set of Dominia Dragon Shield Sleeves
  • Exclusive World Premiere Playmat
    • Head Judge will receive an exclusive playmat for leading the event



Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
Jackson Car
Level 2 Oceania Floor Judge
Jonathan Chaplow
Level 2 Oceania Floor Judge
Noah Nakhle
Level 2 Oceania Head Judge
Joshua Scott
Level 2 Oceania Staff
Brendan Champion
Level 1 Oceania Floor Judge
Samantha Ison
Level 1 Oceania Floor Judge
Arthur Kindl
Level 1 Oceania Floor Judge
James Medland
Level 1 Oceania Floor Judge
Stephen Nash
Level 1 Oceania Floor Judge
Mitchell O'Keefe
Level 1 Oceania Floor Judge
Dennis Xiao
Level 1 Southeast Asia Floor Judge
Valentine Nguyen
Level 0 Oceania Floor Judge
Amos Norris
Level 0 Oceania Floor Judge
Anton Montemayor
Uncertified Oceania Staff