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Fyendal Hobby RTN

Organizer: Fyendal Hobby
Judge manager: Teng Siang Kwok
Event type: Road to Nationals
REL: Competitive
Format: Classic Constructed
Event date(s): July 24, 2022
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Venue: XM Studios
Lvl 3
809 French Rd
SG 200809
Applications accepted through: June 30, 2022 (Anywhere on Earth)
Applications closed 5 months ago

Event Information

Update: 7 Jul 2022

Accceptance and Decline published. 

Corrected incorrect options for standby and availability for the judge kits from LSS. 

Update: 25 June 2022

Amended the Head Judge Compensation

Update: 23 June 2022

Based on the updated information by LSS. Official Support by LSS is limited to 2. This means that one set of LSS support will be provided to Head Judge, and another set of LSS support will be provided to 1 Floor Judge. Fyendal Hobby is able to support 1 more floor judge to enable judging experience and exposure, and accept 1 Standby position.

Head Judge Compensation: 1 Boxes of the latest set + $60 + 1 set of LSS Support + Meals during the event 

Floor Judge Compensation: 1 Box of the latest set + 1 set of LSS Support (if available) + Meals during the event

Option of standby is available. Being on standby means that within 24 hours prior to the event start, you may be called by us to be a Floor Judge (without LSS Support). As a standby, you will get free entry to RTN, and expected to be present at the event day, and be activated as a Judge when needed. 

Standby Compensation:

If activated as a Judge, 1 Box of the latest set + Meals during the event. 

Judges may trade in 1 Booster Box for cash amount of S$80.

Please refer to the new updated infornation above. 

Fyendal Hobby is looking to hire up to 3 Floor Judges for this event, depending on turnout.

Within the selection, Fyendal Hobby is able to accept 1 Floor Judge with little/minimal judging experience to provide them exposure to the event for them to learn and work in a team with other judges. 

Judges are expected to work from the start of the event, until the end of the event. 

There will be additional renumeration in addition to what LSS has available for the Judge team, in form of cash and/or boosters.

Meals will be provided for the team.

Responsibilities of the Judge Team may include working with GEM and/or streaming equipments



Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
Tan Lek Siong
Level 1 Southeast Asia Floor Judge
Sherwynn Tiong
Level 1 Southeast Asia Floor Judge
Dennis Xiao
Level 1 Southeast Asia Head Judge
Teng Siang Kwok
Uncertified Southeast Asia Tournament Organizer