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Calling Utrecht 2022

Organizer: tournamentcenter
Judge manager: Robin Massart
Event type: Calling
REL: Competitive/Professional
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): July 22, 2022-July 24, 2022
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Venue: Jaarbeurs Utrecht
3521 AL Utrecht
Applications accepted through: June 13, 2022 (Anywhere on Earth)
Applications closed 5 months ago

Event Information

Application Overview


tournamentcenter is excited to announce the opening of the Calling Utrecht 2022 Staff Application! 
This is your chance to be part of the team in the role of Judge or Admin staff.
Please be sure to read through the full application before applying.
The application will close on Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 23:59 CEST. Staff will be selected and contacted by Wednesday, June 15th, 2022. 

All additional information will be communicated through our tournamentcenter Staff Community Discord, please be sure to join it now!




To be able to apply for this event, you need to be available for the weekend from Saturday, July 23rd, 7:30 CEST until Sunday, July 24th, 18:00 CEST.
In addition, we are looking for a smaller number of staff for Friday July 22nd, from 11:30 CEST onwards.
The expected shift length for each day is 10-12 hours with a one hour lunch break and at least one thirty minute break. Friday shifts will be shorter; Saturday shifts may be longer (but we'll avoid it if we can).


Application Information


Judges & Admin Staff

If you're selected to staff this event as staff, shifts times will be between:
- Friday: from 11:30 to 20:00 (with a few exceptions)
- Saturday: between 7:30 and 22:00 (expected shift length 10-12 hours)
- Sunday: from 8:00 to 18:00 (with a few exceptions)

Flesh and Blood is still a relatively new game, so you may not have an active Certification as a Flesh and Blood Judge. Certification isn't a requirement to be a staff member at the Event, however you'll be expected to have working knowledge of Flesh and Blood gameplay and tournament rules, which can be found here:

Judges can be assigned to any of the following:

  • Calling
  • Side Events
  • European Champions Battle

Admin Staff can be assigned to any of the following:

  • Registration
  • Prize Wall
  • Coverage Support
  • Scorekeeping

Standby Staff

If you are selected as a Standby staff member, we may or may not need you to help out on any of the days. On days you're not working, you can play events for free (unlimited, as long as you don't abuse the system). If there are many players, you'll be asked to be on staff instead; this will either be for two or three days. You'll receive full compensation for those days.
Note that as a standby judge, if you're asked to work, you'll be expected to say yes. (We will only accept you for a Standby role if you apply for it.)


We are looking for a small number of people who can help us with Build-up and/or Strike.

Build-up starts at 6:00 CEST on Friday (until doors open). Strike starts at 18:00 CEST on Sunday and ends when the truck is loaded (approx. midnight).

Being on setup and/or strike, when combined with other duties, will lead to longer shift times. Please ensure you're willing and able to combine duties if that's what you're applying for. Compensation for buildup and strike is a fixed fee and will be discussed through mail with those applying for it.

If you want to help with buildup and/or strike, you'll NEED to:

  • work through your own company (with its own registered VAT number),
  • invoice tournamentcenter through that company for your work during the entire weekend,
  • sign a different contract than the other staff members (judge contracts do not work for this!),
  • have your own liability insurance, through your company (details can be found in the contract - ask us for a copy!),
  • be legally allowed to work, through your company, at the venue (this includes making any work visa arrangements, should you need them

No exceptions will be made to these requirements; do NOT apply for this if you do not fulfill these requirements. Reach out to us via for questions related to this - we're more than happy to provide information!


Compensation & Documents


All staff members, regardless of the amount of days worked and their role, will receive the following:

- 300 EUR (payable through Paypal in a supported currency of your choice, with an exchange rate locked in 4 weeks before the Friday of the event)
- 2 boxes of current set product (Uprising)
- promotional items (details of which will not be shared before the event)

In addition to the above base compensation, staff will receive the following per day worked, depending on their role for that day:

- Floor judge: 100 EUR and 1 box of current set product (Uprising)
- Admin staff: 100 EUR and 1 box of current set product (Uprising)
- Team lead: 100 EUR and 2 boxes of current set product (Uprising)
- Appeals judge: 200 EUR and 2 boxes of current set product (Uprising)
- Head judge: 200 EUR and 3 boxes of current set product (Uprising)

As an example, someone who is selected for three days, as a floor judge on Friday, team lead on Saturday and admin staff on Sunday would receive:

- 600 EUR (300 + 100 + 100 + 100)
- 6 boxes (2 + 1 + 2 + 1)
- promotional items

In addition to this, food and drinks will be provided as follows:

- invitation to welcome dinner on Friday evening
- light lunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoon
- pizza on Saturday evening
- coffee, tea and water will be available in the staff area throughout the event
- snacks will be available in the staff area throughout the event

Staff members on build-up and strike duties will receive compensation information via email.


All staff are independent contractors who will receive and sign a Contract and Addendum with tournamentcenter for this Event.
A copy of the blank tournamentcenter Contract and Addendum can be sent over upon request.
(Please mail with your request.)

All additional remarks and questions can be sent over to

Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
Bálint Ágoston
Level 2 Europe - Central Floor Judge
Sebastian Bednarski
Level 2 Europe - Central Floor Judge
Selene Bergers
Level 2 Europe - BeNeLux Floor Judge
Gwen De Schepper
Level 2 Europe - BeNeLux Team Lead
Lamberto Franco
Level 2 Europe - Italy and Malta Team Lead
Tom Kersten
Level 2 Europe - BeNeLux Floor Judge
Frédéric Lair
Level 2 Europe - French-speaking Staff
Klaus Lassacher
Level 2 Europe - German-speaking Head Judge
Philipp Löhe
Level 2 Europe - German-speaking Floor Judge
Max Löhe
Level 2 Europe - German-speaking Floor Judge
Artur Panfiłow
Level 2 Europe - Central Staff
Jotrick Rheaume
Level 2 Europe - Central Scorekeeper
Ash Sztulzaft
Level 2 Europe - French-speaking Floor Judge
Witold Waczyński
Level 2 Europe - Central Team Lead
Bartłomiej Wieszok
Level 2 Europe - Central Team Lead
Julie De Maesschalck
Level 1 Europe - BeNeLux Staff
Cyril Germain
Level 1 Europe - French-speaking Staff
Nam Kamptner
Level 1 Europe - German-speaking Floor Judge
George Melissakis
Level 1 Europe - East Team Lead
Joey Nieuwkoop
Level 1 Europe - BeNeLux Floor Judge
Auzmyn Oberweger
Level 1 Europe - German-speaking Floor Judge
Patryk Pacewicz
Level 1 Europe - Central Floor Judge
Juš Smolčič
Level 1 Europe - East Floor Judge
Vasileios Souvatzoglou
Level 1 Europe - East Floor Judge
Eser Edgar Unger
Level 1 Europe - German-speaking Floor Judge
Remco Van Gijn
Level 1 Europe - BeNeLux Floor Judge
Jana Weyts
Level 1 Europe - East Floor Judge
Gabor Hegyi
Level 0 Europe - Central Scorekeeper
Robin Massart
Level 0 Europe - BeNeLux Tournament Organizer
Janneke Rijkes
Level 0 Europe - BeNeLux Staff
Jurgen Baert
Uncertified Europe - BeNeLux Tournament Organizer
Emma Leach
Uncertified Europe - United Kingdom and Ireland Staff
Lonneke Onrust
Uncertified Europe - BeNeLux Tournament Organizer