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Singapore Nationals 2022

Organizer: Bricks Play
Judge manager: Benjimin Chong
Event type: Nationals
REL: Professional
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): Oct. 1, 2022-Oct. 2, 2022
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Venue: RELC International Hotel
30 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258352
Applications accepted through: None

Event Information

Day 1: Saturday 1st October 2022 9:00am

9:00am Round 1 Classic Constructed

10:00am Round 2 Classic Constructed

11:00am Round 3 Classic Constructed

12:00pm 1 Hour Lunch Break

1:00pm Uprising Draft + Registration

2:10pm Round 4 Draft

2:50pm Round 5 Draft

3:30pm Round 6 Draft

4:20pm Round 7 Classic Constructed

5:20pm Round 8 Classic Constructed

6:20pm Round 9 Classic Constructed

Cutoff to Day 2

Top 32 Cutoff for Day 2 if there are more than 96 players

Top 24 Cutoff for Day 2 if there are 96 or less players


Day 2: Sunday 2nd October 2022 9:00am

9:00am Uprising Draft + Registration

10:10am Round 10 Draft

10:50am Round 11 Draft

11:30am Round 12 Draft

12:30pm Top 8 Playoffs

Day 2 will continue with Side Events.

Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
Andre Ang
Level 2 Southeast Asia Team Lead
Benjimin Chong
Level 1 Southeast Asia Head Judge
Tan Lek Siong
Level 1 Southeast Asia Floor Judge
Don Ng
Level 1 Southeast Asia Floor Judge
Chuanjie Seow
Level 1 Southeast Asia Support Judge
Daniel Tan
Level 1 Southeast Asia Floor Judge
Sherwynn Tiong
Level 1 Southeast Asia Team Lead
ya qiong Ju
Level 0 Southeast Asia Scorekeeper
Victor Teo
Uncertified Southeast Asia Tournament Organizer