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Battle Hardened Belgium Judge Conference

Organizer: Brood en Spelen
Judge manager: Selene Bergers
Event type: Judge Conference
Format: No Format
Event date(s): Jan. 27, 2023
Location: Sint Niklaas, Belgium
Venue: 't Bau-Huis
Slachthuisstraat 60
9100 Sint-Niklaas
Applications accepted through: Jan. 27, 2023 (Anywhere on Earth)
Applications closed 7 days ago

Event Information

Battle Hardened Belgium Judge Conference

Event Information

Date: 27 January 2023
Time Start: 10:00
Time End: 16:00 (judges not on staff on Friday can join the Armoury Event afterwards).
Attendee cap: 32
Target Audience: Beginning/intermediate judges
Requirement: You need to be L0 at the start of this conference. 



't Bau-Huis

Slachthuisstraat 60

9100 Sint-Niklaas


(same location as the Battle Hardened Venue. Maybe the location will be changed if we decide to do it at the store. This will be on 10 minutes walk distance)


09:50 Welcome
10:00 Customer Service - Jotrick Rheaume
11:00 Large event TO/HJ expectations (also judge briefing for staff this weekend) 
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Judgecalls Practice - Selene Bergers
14:30 Inclusion at events - Ash Sztulzaft
15:30 wrap-up

16:00 End and opportunity to join the Armory 


We can provide lunch for those who wish to enjoy some bread and sandwiches. We will provide a form to all attendees a week prior to the event in which you can list your wishes. We do not have unlimited resources, therefor we want to ask everyone to pay for their own lunch and we will make sure that it will be there and ready. You are of course free to bring your own food and drinks.


Discord: SeleneElizabeth#6883


Staff Members

Name Level Region Role
Selene Bergers
Level 2 Europe - BeNeLux Presenter
Gwen De Schepper
Level 2 Europe - BeNeLux Staff
Jotrick Rheaume
Level 2 Europe - Central Presenter
Ash Sztulzaft
Level 2 Europe - French-speaking Presenter
Emilien WILD
Level 2 Europe - BeNeLux Presenter
Julie De Maesschalck
Level 1 Europe - BeNeLux Attendee
Davy Moerloose
Level 1 Europe - BeNeLux Attendee
Amber Varwijk
Level 1 Europe - BeNeLux Attendee
Jonathan Laureys
Level 0 Europe - BeNeLux Attendee